BCFoods Europe B.V.  aims to trade safe and compliant products at a high service level. BCFoods is committed to being hands-on and involved with our products from field to fork to ensure food quality and safety for you and your customers. We maintain the highest standards for our portfolio’s dehydrated vegetables, spices, herbs, and seeds.

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Quality and food safety standards


BCFoods takes pride in our products. To meet quality and food safety standards, we have taken the necessary steps in our sourcing and services so that our customers can feel confident in purchasing our products. Our company is highly committed to getting the GFSI certification scheme BRCGS Agents & Brokers.

BCFoods Europe B.V. BRCGS A&B valid till 29 Feb 2024 (1)

BCFoods Europe B.V. goes towards continuous improvement of both product quality and service level as its commitment to embedding the food safety culture into the company culture. BCFoods Europe B.V. put attention to EU Regulations compliance and authenticity, needless to say, security of it.




Furthermore, BCFoods Europe is a member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Specerijenvereniging (KNSV) and the European Spices Association (ESA) to maintain information channels into relevant issues within the Industry. For Sustainability, we are a member of the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI), building our sustainability commitment even deeper.